A modal overlay. This could contain a Form or an Article.


align center|top|bottom|left|right
Which direction the layer contents should emanate from.
closer true|false|{node}
Adds a visible control to close the layer. If the caller provides a node, it is the caller's responsibility to listen to events from the node.
flush true|false
Whether the contents are flush with the edges or not. Defaults to false.
hidden true|false
Whether the contents are rendered offscreen. Defaults to false.
overlayClose true|false
Whether to trigger onClose when the user clicks on the overlay "under" the layer.
peek true|false
Whether the hidden contents are shown just a bit. Defaults to false.
onClose {function ()}
Function that will be called when the user clicks on the closer control. Providing this function is required when the closer or overlayClose properties are true. Clicking the closer control does not automatically cause the Layer to be removed. The recipient of this callback can still decide whether to continue rendering the Layer or not.