Grommet came to the world from four individuals inside Hewlett Packard that wanted to make designing a modern web experience for enterprise companies (or anyone really) easy. Working day to day, the designer and developer hand off is always a point of contention when it comes to our productivity and ensuring a unique vision is delivered to customers—So that’s where we started.

Our team used years of design and development experience to form Grommet. Taking the knowledge from various web technologies and customer focused experiences, we ventured out to the community to bootstrap with the best tools out there. Initially using Facebook’s React.js, Node.js, and Inuit as the underlying technologies, and layering on a visual design system and with some secret sauce to tie it all together. This provided the flexibility needed to create a dynamic library of components and allow Grommet to be one of the leading React UI Frameworks out there (horn toot).

We originally created Grommet to be a solution for our own organization’s needs. We quickly found the usefulness for a tool like this outside Hewlett Packard, and taking a note from our own founders, Dave and Bill, we shared it with the open source community with great response. As with any company, change is inevitable, and change it did…Hewlett Packard became two companies. The split became proof that Grommet was not only a valuable tool to the community, but to our own ecosystem.

Our goal is to continually enhance our toolset and make better experiences easier to create.

Our Team

Alan Souza

Bryan Jacquot

Chris Carlozzi

Eric Soderberg

Tracy Barmore