An annotated summary of something. This could be used on a home/marketing page to provide snippets of content that the user can click through for more detail. Or, as search result items. All properties are optional and can be mixed and matched as needed.

Card could be used in combination with Columns or Tiles.





contentPad none|small|medium|large|{...}
Padding for the Box containing the text content. See pad in Box for additional details.
description {string}|{element}
Either a string or an element.
heading {string}|{element}
Heading content.
headingStrong true|false
Whether to render the heading strongly. This only has an effect when the heading is supplied as a string.
label {string}|{element}
Label content.
link {element}
Anchor element. See Anchor.
textSize small|medium|large|xlarge
Size of text elements within the Card. Defaults to medium. If you pass custom elements for description, label, or heading, they will not be resized.
thumbnail {string}|{element}
Url path to image or an Image element. Use the reverse property to position the thumbnail within card.
video {source: <string>, type: mp4|webm|ogg}|{element}
Video media type and source path or a Video element.

Properties for Box are also available for Card.