The form used to log in.


align start|center|end
How to align the contents along the cross axis.
defaultValues {username: ..., rememberMe: true|false}
Default values for username and rememberMe
errors [{message}, ...]
An array of error messages. Use this if there is a failure to log in.
forgotPassword {element}
A link that would take the user to a new page.
logo {element}
A react node. Best suited to an svg element or a custom component containing an svg element.
onSubmit {function ({username: ..., password: ..., rememberMe: ...})}
Function that will be called with the username, password and rememberMe provided.
rememberMe true|false
Whether to include a remember me input.
secondaryText {string}
Secondary text related to the product.
title {string}
The product name.
usernameType text|email
The type of username input. Defaults to email.