Shows a graph of nodes and links between them.

  1. First category
    • First item
    • Second item
    • Third item
  2. Second category
    • Fourth item
    • Fifth item
  3. Third category
    • Sixth item
    • Seventh item


active {string}
The id of the currently active item, if any.
linkColorIndex {category}-{index}
The color identifier to use for the link lines. For example: 'graph-1'. See Color for possible values.
data { categories: [ { id: {string}, label: {string}, items: [{ id: {string}, label: {string}, node: {node} }, ...] }, ...], links: [{ parentId: {string}, childId: {string}, colorIndex: {string} }, ...] }
An array of objects describing the data.
onActive {function (string)}
Hover handler. The hovered id is passed as an argument. When the user is ceases to hover over an item, undefined is passed as an argument.
vertical true|false
Whether to orient the map vertically.