A box to display notification messages.

You will need a tray. The food is hot.


closer true|false|{node}
Adds a visible control to close the layer. If the caller provides a node, it is the caller's responsibility to listen to events from the node.
message {string}
Message to display in the notification box.
onClose {function}
Function that will be called when the user clicks on the closer control. Clicking the closer control does not automatically cause the Notification to be removed. The recipient of this callback can still decide whether to continue rendering the Notification or not.
percentComplete {number}
Number to measure the progress of an ongoing notification.
size small|medium|large
Size of the notification box.
state {string}
State of the element on the notification message (e.g. Active, Running).
status {string}
Status of the element on the nofitication message (e.g. Ok, Critical). Please see the Status component for full list of supported values.
timestamp {date}
Timestamp of the notification message.

Properties for Box are also available for Notification.