An input field with a search control.


defaultValue {value: , label: }|{string}
What text to start with in the input.
id {string}
The id attribute of the input.
name {string}
The name attribute of the input.
onDOMChange {function (event)}
Function that will be called when the user types in the input.
onSelect {function ({target: , suggestion: })}
Function that will be called when the user selects a suggestion. The target corresponds to the embedded input element, allowing you to distinguish which component triggered the event. The suggestion contains the object chosen from the supplied suggestions.
placeHolder {string}
Placeholder text to use when the input is empty.
suggestions [{value: , label: }|{string}, ...]
Suggestions can be either a string or an object. The label property of suggestion objects can be a string or a React element. This allows rendering richer suggestion representations.
value {value: , label: }|{string}
What text to put in the input.