An select-like field with optional search capability.


inline true|false
Whether to display the options inline or via a drop down. The default is false.
multiple true|false
Whether to allow multiple options to be selected. The default is false.
onChange {function ({target: , option: , value: })}
Function that will be called when the user selects an option. The target corresponds to the embedded input element, allowing you to distinguish which component triggered the event. The option contains the object chosen from the supplied options. The value contains all selected options when multiple={true}.
onSearch {function (event)}
Function that will be called when the user types in the search input. If this property is not provided, no search field will be rendered.
options [{value: , label: }|{string}, ...]
Options can be either a string or an object. The label property of option objects can be a string or a React element. This allows rendering richer option representations.
placeHolder {string}
Placeholder text to use when the search input is empty.
value {value: , label: }|{string}
What text to put in the input.