Need some help getting your system ready for Grommet? No problem. You probably have most of the tools needed already in place, but here is our recommended setup!

Design Tools

To setup your Grommet designer environment, all you need is Sketch. If you would like to make changes to the Grommet Design System, we manage all changes through Git. If you haven't used Git before, we have a Git Designer Cheat Sheet to help you through the setup. If your work includes prototyping, there are many great tools, but we recommend Invision. If you work on interaction design, Principle and Framer.js work great with Sketch.

Development Tools

To setup your Grommet developer environment, you only need Node.js to get started. If you would like to submit pull requests to Grommet projects, you will need to install Git as well. We don't have a preferred code editor, but we love using Atom and VS Code.

Proxy Configuration

This is only required if you're behind a proxy server and have not already configured proxy on your system.

npm config set proxy http://{host}:{port}
npm config set https-proxy https://{host}:{port}

If you encounter problems while downloading packages through and https proxy, try using the http protocol in your https-proxy variable as in:

npm config set https-proxy http://{host}:{port}