There are a bunch of ways to get started with Grommet. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or just interested in technology, we’ve got you covered.

Design System

Grommet was created to align the design and developer workflow into one seamless experience. We recommend that everyone take some time and familiarize themselves with the Components area (especially the examples) to see how the designs translate to code before downloading the various resources.

Our resources provide everything one would need to design a modern application; icons, fonts, sticker sheets, and design templates -- Have fun!

Component Library

The Grommet component library is designed to be a perfect complement to the design system. With little setup, you'll be able to create a Grommet application from scratch in minutes and take the pain out of translating design files into running application code.

To run Grommet on your local machine, get access to all the components, and the user interface goodness, you don't have to be a developer. With the power of Node.js, Grommet will take care of all the details through our command line interface (CLI).