A SunBurst visualization.


active {[index, ...]}
The currently active index path, if any.
data [{ children: [{}, ...], colorIndex: {string}, total: {number}, value: {number} }, ...]
An array of objects describing the data. The value property must be specified. If the total property is specified, it sets the total value for the children. If not specified, the total is the sum of the values. The children property objects are the same structure as the items in the data array. NOTE: Currently the graphic does not work well at depths greater than three.
label {node}
Label to show in a corner.
onActive {function ([index, ...])}
Hover handler. The hovered indexes are passed as the argument. When the user is ceases to hover over the component, undefined is passed as the argument.
onClick {function ([index, ...])}
Click handler. The clicked index path is passed as the argument.
size small|medium|large
The size of the SunBurst. Defaults to medium.