Value component, focusing on a single number.



align start|center|end
The horizontal alignment of the label. Defaults to center.
colorIndex {category}-{index}
The color identifier to use for the text color. For example: neutral-1. See Color for possible values.
icon {element}
Optional icon element to place next to the value. See Icon.
label {string}
Optional short description of the value.
onClick {function}
Click handler.
responsive true|false
Whether the font size and spacing should adapt to the resolution. This is useful when used in combination with a Meter that is responsively adjusting. Defaults to false.
size small|medium|large|xlarge
The size of the value. Defaults to medium.
trendIcon {element}
Optional icon element to place next to the value indicating the trend. For example, a LinkUp icon. See Icon.
reverse true|false
Whether to reverse the order of icon and value nodes. Defaults to false.
value {number}
The value itself.
units {string}
Optional units to display next to the value.