Video built on the HTML5 video element.


Callers must include child <source> elements according to the HTML5 <video> specification.

align {top:, bottom:, left:, right: }
How to align the video when full. You can specify one of top|bottom and/or one of left|right. If not provided, the video is centered.
allowFullScreen true|false
Enables fullscreen/expand control button on player.
autoPlay true|false
Enables automatic playback of the video as soon as it is loaded. Defaults to false.
colorIndex {category}-{index}
The color identifier to use for the background color. For example: 'neutral-1'. This is visible when a poster image is not the same aspect ratio as the video.
fit cover|contain
How the video should be scaled to fit in the container. Setting this property also sets full='true'.
full true|false
Whether the image should expand to fill the available width and/or height.
loop true|false
Enables continuous video looping. Defaults to false.
muted true|false
Enables video muting. This option is best used with the autoPlay flag. Defaults to false.
poster {string}
Poster image to show before the video first plays.
shareLink {string}
Link to be used for social media sharing. Shown at the end of the video.
shareHeadline {string}
Headline to be used for social media sharing.
shareText {string}
Text to be used for social media sharing.
showControls true|false
Show controls such as play button, progress bar, etc. on top of video. Defaults to true.
size small|medium|large
The width of the Video. Defaults to medium unless the full option is specified. The height will adapt to the aspect ratio of the video.
timeline [{...}]
An array of: {label: <string>, seconds: <number>} used to indicate chapter markers.
title {string}|{node}
Descriptive title.