An axis decorating a Chart. An Axis can be horizontal or vertical on any edge. It should be placed inside a Chart component.

Callers are responsible to set the number of ticks and labels appropriate to the anticipated size of the Chart. Tying it to onMaxCount in Chart is a good way to get some guidance on many ticks could be shown. But, you will need to take into account your labels as well.



count {number}
The number of stops along the axis, including both ends. This property is required.
labels [{...}]
An array of: {label: {node}, colorIndex: {string}, index: {number}} which configures what label to show at which stop. You do not need a label for each stop.
reverse true|false
When true, the indexes count right to left or bottom to top.
ticks true|false
Whether to show tick marks for each stop.
tickAlign start|end
How to align the tick marks along the axis. Defaults tostart.
vertical true|false
Whether the axis should be layed out horizontally or vertically.