A label along the edge of a Chart. It is typically used to annotate a Marker component. The location of the label should be specified either via the count and index properties or via the min, max, and value properties. It should be placed inside a Chart component. There can be multiple MarkerLabel components in a Chart.



colorIndex {category}-{index}
The color identifier to use for the label color. For example: 'graph-2'
count {number}
The number of slots, including both ends. Use this in conjunction with index.
index {number}
The slot selected. Use this in conjunction with count.
labels {node}
The label content to display.
max {number}
The largest possible value. Defaults to 100.
min {number}
The smallest possible value. Defaults to 0.
reverse true|false
When true, the indexes count right to left or bottom to top.
value {number}
The value selected. Use in conjunction with min and max.
vertical true|false
Whether the slots should be layed out horizontally or vertically.