An simple line graphic in a Chart. It is typically used to indicate a threshold or to indicate the currently active index the user is hovering over. The location of the line should be specified either via the count and index properties or via the min, max, and value properties. It should be placed inside a Layers component. There can be multiple Marker components in the Chart.


colorIndex {category}-{index}
The color identifier to use for the line color. For example: 'graph-2'
count {number}
The number of slots, including both ends. Use this in conjunction with index.
index {number}
The slot selected. Use this in conjunction with count.
max {number}
The largest possible value. Defaults to 100.
min {number}
The smallest possible value. Defaults to 0.
reverse true|false
When true, the indexes count right to left or bottom to top.
value {number}
The value selected. Use in conjunction with min and max.
vertical true|false
Whether the slots should be layed out horizontally or vertically.